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Corporate health and wellness benefits are programs designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being among employees. These benefits can include access to gym memberships, healthy eating options in the workplace, stress management resources, fitness classes, and health screenings. By providing these services, companies can improve employee morale and productivity while reducing healthcare costs associated with poor lifestyle choices. Corporate health and wellness benefits also create a culture of appreciation where employers show their commitment to their employees’ well-being by investing in them as individuals. In addition to improving the quality of life for employees, corporate health and wellness benefits may also reduce absenteeism due to illness or injury and lower insurance premiums for those enrolled in employer-sponsored plans.

Rochester School of Fitness offers a unique Empower Me program:

Your workforce is your greatest asset. Unlike some workplace health and wellness programs that emphasize activity alone, Empower Me is a program that focuses on helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors to achieve an overall positive health outcome.


Workplace health and wellness programs have been associated with the following benefits:


Reduced absenteeism


Increased productivity


Lower stress levels


Higher employee retention rates


Lower insurance premiums


Increased employee morale


Show your workforce that you care about their well-being and success with Empower Me program and develop a culture of health in your organization. It is proven that fitness and nutrition help and empower one individual and builds the healthy corporate culture. There are no limits because it can be done online as virtual classes, virtual fitness classes, virtual nutritional counseling, virtual personal training, and in-person training.

MWI corporate workout. Push ups with different strength level. Group workout helps everyone.
Corporate group is doing balance workout.
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