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Super Athletic Training at Rochester School of Fitness is a program designed for individuals and groups looking to take their athletic performance to the next level. The program is led by fitness trainers and coaches who specialize in developing and improving the physical skills and abilities of athletes of all levels. The program includes a combination of strength and conditioning, speed and agility training, and sport-specific training to help athletes achieve their goals. Additionally, the program incorporates nutritional guidance, recovery strategies, and mental performance training to provide a comprehensive approach to athletic development. The program is tailored to the individual needs of each athlete and is designed to help them reach their full potential in their respective sport or activity.

Explosive conditioning for JV and Varsity athletes. An hour of sport-specific training focusing on strength, agility, speed, flexibility, and endurance. At Rochester School of Fitness, we’re proud to say that we’ve had high school athletes go on to play for NCAA D1 teams at top schools and even Major League Baseball. It’s a great way to up your game at any level.


Please get in touch with us to schedule group classes. See you in the gym.


Classes to be determined!


Cost: $220.00 for ten sessions.

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Athletes made human pyramid
Adam Scott is drafted by Guardians
Personal Boxing Class
Mido and Great Dane Dog
Push ups at the balance ball.
Athlete celebrate his birthday!
Athletic speed and foot work training
Speed and Agility!
High School Athletes workout class
Waiting to start my training in my favorite gym
Athletes group training
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