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A truly original superstar.

Dane's untimely death was crushing. Much of his story has been told in the news and on social media, but he was also one of our very first Superstar teen athletes here at Rochester School of Fitness (RSF), and for us, he was a star in so many ways. We dedicate this page to him. 

Dane came to RSF the summer before 8th grade to increase his performance in baseball and volleyball. He was a natural-born athlete and would have excelled in either sport. Choosing to pursue volleyball, he won two state championships with McQuaid Jesuit High School and captained the US Youth Volleyball Team to a confederation championship win in 2014. Dane was a superstar indeed.

Disciplined, hardworking, adaptable, and—above all—good-humored, Dane trained tirelessly and was up to any task. A coach's dream. He will be missed by many, not the least by this humble trainer. 

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