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Mido Zelenjakovic


Mido lives and breathes fitness every day. As a former professional European volleyball player, he has the drive and determination of a true athlete. Having held coaching positions in Europe and the US, Mido knows what it takes to encourage and motivate and strives to be an agent of permanent, positive change.


Mido developed and delivered all the fitness programs at RSF. He earned his BS in Sport Management and Physical Education from SUNY College at Brockport in 2003. Before opening RSF, Mido spent six years as a fitness trainer at Oak Hill Country Club, where he developed a devoted following. Anyone who has worked with Mido will tell you that his approach is fun and inspiring.



Cathy Hahn


As a pediatrician, Dr. Hahn has worked for decades on the front lines in the fight against childhood obesity. And as a mother, she recognized a real absence of comprehensive family fitness programming in the area. It was when she trained with Mido that they realized they could combine forces to bring something truly meaningful to our community. 


Dr. Hahn is board certified in pediatrics and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She received her medical degree from Albany Medical College, a master's degree from SUNY Buffalo, and is a graduate of Cornell University. After completing residency training at Golisano Children's Hospital in 1993, Dr. Hahn joined Pittsford Pediatrics where she practices today.


Personal trainer Mido and pediatritician Cathy Hahn. Mido and Cathy started non-profit organization The Fitness Initiative to help community.
Personal Trainer Mido and Pediatrician Cathy Hahn. Fitness and medicine work together to fight childhood obesity.


Shane Chesnes

Shane has a passion for fitness that far surpasses that of your average personal trainer. In addition, he has a strong motivation and dedication to being a Navy veteran. His experience inspiring and motivating sailors directly translates to his ability to do the same with his clients. After his time in the Navy, Shane achieved his BS in Kinesiology from SUNY College at Brockport. Shane has a thirst for knowledge and strives to better himself every day. Those who have worked with him can attest to his enthusiasm and devotion.

Personal Trainer Shane Chesnes
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